Gears 5 - First Look

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Kait, JD, Del, and Marcus travel to the ruins of Azura in order to launch a prototype Hammer of Dawn satellite in an effort to restore the Hammer of Dawn network. With the launch successful, they return to the COG capital, New Ephyra, but find out from Baird that he still cannot locate the other satellites. Jinn finds out about the launch and orders them not to restore the network, since it would go against the wishes of the late Anya Fenix, who had decided to permanently decommission the Hammer of Dawn. Jinn then receives word that Settlement 2 is under attack and sends JD's squad to assist the evacuation.

0:50 - Previously on Gears... 4:17 - ACT 1 - CHAPTER 1 Shot in the Dark 48:16 - ACT 1 - CHAPTER 2 DIPLOMACY

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