For Ernest July 28, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz

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For Ernest July 28, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz

I already have a system worked out that far surpasses anything (QFS) the military has --- fast, secure, yet transparent so far as transactions go, completely un-hackable and alien to any systems presently in place, deployable worldwide, accessible for everyone, free to private parties, fees paid by corporations according to their size and net income, far better than the present internet or Google, designed for secure commercial and banking transactions....... but instead of talking to us in an open and forthright way, they send me military "planners" and mathematicians who have already failed to provide such a system, who nose around trying to get the technology for free and to dictate how we can use our own invention.

The plain fact is that we have been lied to about mathematics just as we have been lied to about everything else. We "can't get there from here" as a result. The QFS system is a bomb. It leaks like a sieve and is of very limited utility. Last I heard, they could run it for six minutes a day. Try to run the world's financial needs on six minutes a day. Any questions as to why the system they have doesn't work and isn't secure and has a host of problems they can't solve?

Kim and her sidekick "Tank" keep on talking and explaining away, but they can't actually do what they say they can do. She only has half the keys. And she doesn't know who the "male" counterpart is, so they are stuck there, too. She doesn't even know enough to know that she HAS a male counterpart. She doesn't know how the system she is trying to work is actually set up and she doesn't know why. I do. LOL. Go figure. God has a great sense of humor. Maybe its payback for my lost career as a mathematician?


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