Debtors and Creditors July 27, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz

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Debtors and Creditors July 27, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz

This week we have definitively busted the Roman Catholic Church for harboring a grotesque criminal cult within itself, and using sincere Christians as "storefronts" covering up for the nefarious activities of the cult members.

The exact actual religion that the cultists adhere to has been identified as the Dogon Religion, a reptile-worshiping religion native to Africa and the Levant. It is apparent that this religion stems from very early contact with advanced alien civilizations that were familiar with genetics, astronomy, histology, embryology, and other information not available on Earth at the same time.

It is also apparent that this "sacred knowledge" was perverted and used for entirely corrupt and criminal purposes, and that its primary center of power was the Office of the Roman Pontiff within the Roman Catholic Church.


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