SkullGirls super finish version 3

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

the updates are coming thick and fast for the endless beta

here are todays patch notes

General Super Finish effect version 3! Sepia tone and better portraits; fix bugs where certain supers wouldn't trigger it Double's Lv5 rings, etc; fix bug where supers that change the background would trigger it, they no longer will Double's Lv3, Flatline, etc; explicitly add it for Ultimate Showstopper Devil Horns because METAL! Fix occasional wrong-way-input reversal attacks for Fukua after a successful BFFs finishes. Fix a bunch of bugs with Fukua's j.HK didn't dive against Marie, went totally bonkers if it hit Horace, etc by implementing it the correct way instead of the janky way. For complicated reasons this meant reducing the active time to 1f because it would still break if it hit with the 2nd+ active frame, so! Fukua j.HK active time 3f 1f.

Beta stuff that was already on the list but was waiting until after Evo so PS3/360 owners could practice for Evo... ...

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