Unique Future Beats Retro Game Acoustic Vibes] 🏔 WIZE - Recharging (528 hz)

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WIZE is a really versatile and unique producer that makes amazing beats and future / soulection type stuff. Hes really got his own style though.

This time hes come out with a new track called Recharging. It really does make you feel recharged. Its a new take on music thats a breath of fresh air. The vibes feels fresh out of a chrono trigger RPG game remastered doesnt it?

WIZE always with those groovy basslines. This one is a bit more sivey / StarRo - like and more ACOUSTIC and natural sounding than usual. Enjoy!

If this pleased you, explore and unearth my unique land of music. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJaZ4GmHXAg

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