[Soulection Artist's House Song with Female Vocal] Jarreau Vandal - Someone That You Love (528 hz)

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This is a house track by Jarreau Vandal, who normally doesnt make house music but this is an anomaly. He is from the soulection team and he made this track called "Someone That You Love"

Its very Hed Kandi / Vogue House like. Beautiful female vocals. Its really upbeat and fun and super catchy. Hope you enjoy!

If you liked this song, you will absolutely love the 1 hour mix it was featured in with all similar and arguably even better songs. It is called "Better With You" and its Episode #52 Link below


If this pleased you, explore and unearth my unique land of music. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSWukkncJbc

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