Best of J Robb / Mr. Surf Compilation Mix 💿 [ Future R&B Remixes, Vogue Hip Hop]

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J.Robb is arguably the most popular and favorite growing R&B/Hip Hop style / Future beats artist in 2016/2017.

Now with Soulection, he is touring and getting huge! I'm making this compilation mix for you all, something that I planned to do a long time ago. Been following this guy for a long time and watching him grow.

He used to also go by an alias (Mr. Surf) which was an experimental name to upload stuff that was possibly copyrighted, so that his original J.robb name wasnt deleted from social media for copyright strikes. However, Mr. Surf is now officially done! RIP

Hope you guys enjoy the mix. I know I did. Make sure to subscribe for more, and check out my Mr. Carmack Compilation too.

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