#54 "A True Story" Chill-Hop & Lofi Beats Mix (528 hz)

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Enjoy this Lofi and Chill Hop Beats Mix and relax to the warm and inviting vibes and frequencies. This music is made by upcoming artists and lowkey musicians who just love making beats and instrumentals.

Some made their own melodies and some used samples and beat machines. Whatever method they used, I just chose the songs that would be soothing to your ears.

I figured this background theme would be fitting, considering the new movie and May 4 was not too long ago. :) This mix was made to be really calm, and neutral. good for work, chores and mindless driving.

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If this pleased you, explore and unearth my unique land of music. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVP6Xgm-cP0

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