Whenuapai Air Base - Juris-my-diction - Chasing NZ Police for answers

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After not being given any information, and my friend being unlawfully detained and unlawfully searched by NZDF Military Police Officer Sargeant Skip, my firend and i had attended NZP Henderson to recover him stolen property, this was denied.

After another 2 visits and call, we ascertain that NZ Police are seeking further information as to the nature of the search (and JURISDICTION) for the incident to have occurred and my friend being harassment and intimidated for doing a lawful activity on a public footpath.

NZ Police, Detective Sargeant Tim Williams calls to confirm that NZP are seeking further information, just like us, from NZ Defence Force, over their Jackboot overstepping his jurisdiction and authority.

More will follow.

Shame on NZDF for acting without justification, reasonable grounds and jurisdiction due to their inadequate training clearly.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzMfFYk268k

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