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South Africa, we are living in indescribable times. In 2008 God announced, through Angus Buchan, that He will establish a covenant with our country. In 2013, God established that covenant in our country. And in 2018 we announced on the channel VIA that the Kingdom of God is here.

With all these gatherings in the month of April, specifically in Pretoria, it is very clear that God has begun this great work. With the election on our doorstep, we as a nation will have to make a choice; we cannot be both a Kingdom and a Democracy. We will have to choose one. The Kingdom of God cannot be voted in. The Kingdom of God is established by God Himself, through the progressive Word of God, through faith, and through action. It's time to take action. Great men of God, great prophets have prophesied for many years that the Day of the LORD, the Covenant of the LORD, and the Kingdom of God will start in South Africa. The time has come. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74wY3KPGcwE

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