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Dreadlocks were NEVER a hairstyle that I thought I'd have... but here we are, some 3.5 years later, and I'm so grateful to have them! Whether you have dreadlocks (known as 'Shiva Jattas' in Hinduism) or are thinking about getting dreadlocks, you'll gain value from hearing about my journey and how it's advanced my spiritual practice ten fold. Hope you enjoy the video!

Shout out to Lisa who did my touch-up in Orange County. She was my favorite person to have work on my hair. Definitely check her out if you’re in the area @dreadmeknotoc 🔱🙏

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Also, if you haven’t heard much about it yet, Nithyananda Yoga is re-introducing to the world the original meaning & purpose of Yoga by reviving the most authentic teachings of this amazing science of Enlightenment, which was mastered thousands of years ago during Vedic times.

My Guru, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the Mahamandaleshwara (spiritual head) of the Mahanirvani Akhada, which is the oldest, most apex body of Hinduism. (You can relate this to being higher than the Pope in Catholicism because Mahamadaleshwara is acknowledge as the Divine Incarnation of Shiva Himself, the creator of the Cosmos. A part of Swamiji's (my Guru's nickname) mission is to revive and establish all ancient Yoga teachings. Previous Enlightened Masters and Yogis completed the task of popularizing all forms of Yoga across the globe, now it is time to authenticate it and realign again & again to the Truths of this amazing lifestyle. Please, download a free copy of the Nithyananda Yoga E-Book with the most recently revived ancient scriptures on Yoga asanas, mudras, pranayamas as well as many other revelations on Yoga from Swamiji at this link:

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