Focal Trio6 Be Studio Monitors: Unboxing / Review / First Impression

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I don't think I can explain how excited I am to have finally purchased my first pair of 3-way reference monitors. Focal is incredible. Here's a brief overview about this particular model, the Trio6 Be:

"By any measure, the Focal Trio6 Be is a monitor of extremely high quality. In three–way mode it delivers a level of transient detail, frequency balance and clarity that is of the highest order. In the two–way Focus mode it turns into a tool for detailed analysis of the mid-range and higher frequencies, and for checking how a mix transfers to lower–quality systems.

Designed to answer the demand for a more affordable SM9 that is able to deliver the performance required by EDM and similar genres, and that is more easily integrated into less than perfect audio environments, I think the Trio6 Be has succeeded on all counts without sacrificing the accuracy, balance and superb sound quality that characterise all of Focal’s monitors.

Of course, ‘more affordable’ is a relative term, but the price of the Trio6 Be is more than reasonable given the superb performance of which it is capable. If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to purchase a monitor at this price then you simply must audition it."

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