DJ VLOG #45: Jorge's 30th & Ivan's 50th Birthday at The Elan (Lodi, NJ)

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I wanted to put together a video that was a bit different than all of my other Event Recap videos. This time, we're going more in depth, looking at the Behind The Scenes stuff that no one ever sees.

Being a DJ is definitely not the easiest job in the world. I've had to change my entire life to become successful doing this full-time. I've changed my eating habits, sleep schedule, and much more. It takes a lot of focus, energy, patience, determination and experience to do a good job.

Most people only see the fun part: the event itself. This is the only real fun part for me too. Those 2 - 6 hours standing behind the turntables, playing music, dancing and singing along with all of the guests. Every other second of the week is spent preparing, advertising, creating content, booking dates, meeting with potential clients, and so on.

Camera: Canon HF G40 October 15th 2016 at a birthday party for Ivan & Jorge at The Elan in Lodi, New Jersey.


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