DJ VLOG #40: Nathan & Shannon's Wedding at Crystal Point Yacht Club (Point Pleasant, NJ)

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Snapchat Recap: On October 2nd 2016, we celebrated Nathan & Shannon's wedding at The Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.

Friends and family traveled from all over the world. They came from Ireland, England, Central US, New Jersey and New York. I have to admit that a diverse crowd like this makes a DJ's job a difficult task! On top of that, Nathan did not provide to me a music list (aside from the ceremonial songs).

I spent some time researching popular, traditional Irish songs including dance and sing-along tunes, to incorporate into the day. Fortunately, guests came up throughout the night and requested some additional tracks that I was able to find and stream from YouTube, plugged into channel 4 of my mixer.

Despite the diversity, I was able to keep the guests entertained with a mix of music throughout the entire night. Friends and family danced, sang and celebrated the day together, and it was truly a beautiful experience to be a part of.

Nathan & Shannon: Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very special day. I wish you both an eternity of peace, love, happiness and continued success. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Campbell!


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