DJ VLOG #23: Scott & Brandy's Wedding at Branches (West Long Branch, NJ)

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Snapchat Recap: This is my 4th time returning to Branches. Always a pleasure. Scott & Brandy's family and friends traveled all the way from Ohio to celebrate their wedding day here at Branches on Monday, August 1st. Some traveled 7 hours by car to come to New Jersey so that Scott's aunt could be a part of their special day. What a wonderful family. We only had a 3 hour reception, but we danced for over an hour.

Also, something I always like to note, prior to the ceremony starting, the sky was filled with clouds. During their ceremony, the sky opened up and the sun shined through. God Bless the Bride & Groom. Congratulations Scott & Brandy! Thank you so much for allowing me and Stephanie to be a part of your very special day. We wish you an eternity of love, peace, happiness and success.

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