Afino - #LiveInternetParty: Episode 6.5

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Episode 6.5 was streamed live on Facebook on Thursday, October 13th 2016. The reason this is called Episode 6.5 is because Episode 7 was supposed to be a Trap / Dubstep ONLY mix that fans on Facebook voted for.

I was supposed to stream live on Emazing Lights Facebook page last night, but the dude that asked me to do it never contacted me back. We spoke the day before, and then 1 hour before the show yesterday I contacted him... no response. There's no way I was going to let hundreds of people tune in at 9:00PM to sit there and wait for nothing, so I started the stream on my own page.

The dude finally messaged me back 4 hours later and told me he was sick all day... Honestly, that's no excuse to not send me a text message... and their Facebook reviews are horrible (I should have checked before accepting his offer).

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