Tutorial - Drawing Furries & Humans

Checking to see if Spee.ch has your asset locally...

Ok so this is going to be awkward for me, I'm not good with talking and words and stuff, so sorry for the amount of um's and err's and general blarg with speaking... but I wanted to try and do a tutorial for how I draw furries/animals and how I have translated that to being able to draw humans as well.

Hopefully things will make sense, and if you want to see more tutorials, feel free to suggest stuff in the comments. I don't have access to editing software (I did purchase Vegas, but it won't run on my PC for some reason; just keeps getting stuck on loading direct x plugins) so this is just raw data of the recording. I'm not prepared to just go and spend money on more software that might not work atm, so i'm just going to stick to raw recording for the time being.

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