PCC King Kazma Progression

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Decided to film myself whilst I was working on one of my current commissions. It took me about 1hr30min to do this much, so I've speeded it all up by x15. First part is making the template for the fur by applying parceltape directly onto the foam fursuit head, then cutting it off and applying more parceltape to the sticky side so its not sticky anymore. Second part is placing the template (sticky-side up) onto the fur, and pinning into place. For the lighter colour fur I can draw around and remove the templates before cutting, but I didn't have any chalk to draw on the black fur so I cut straight around the template. It's alot of work, and requires to be able to hold with your feet whilst you're applying the parcel tape. Hope you enjoy this glimpse of my fursuit making process. Music is Eternal by Evanescence, all copyright goes to them. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AB2Jgi2tn8E

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