How to Reference Correctly

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I've seen this mentioned by several artists in the past, and is something I practice heavily myself to make sure my anatomy is correct when drawing, but not seen anyone take the time to show HOW to use multiple reference images correctly.

It's easy enough to find a picture, and copy it like for like, but that doesn't really teach you anything. You don't learn how to properly understand anatomy if you just copy all the time. The best way is to use multiple images and say 'i like this bit from this picture, and this from this picture' and then take that and make it into a single art piece!

I hope this helps those budding artists out there, and if you liked this video, be sure to give us a thumbs up.

P.s. I know the sketch ended up a little faint; and i'll make sure to use a thicker pen and perhaps a tinted bg to make it easier to see for future tutorials.

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