A Ratty Christmas 2012

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Had a nice set up for the girls this Christmas. I had them blocked off in the bottom half of the cage overnight so it would be a big surprise for this morning. Although they weren't as interested in the presents at first, after we had finished filming and took out the tree, they started showing a proper interest. Typical :V And it's nice to see Trinity so active, and enjoying her 3rd Christmas!! Even at 2 years 7 months, nearly blind from cataracts and sporting 2 lumps on her belly, she still manages just fine. The other girls are Alice (white dumbo), Yuki (Fawn hooded), Layla (Black berkshire dumbo baby), Amber (Agouti hooded baby), Lily (Champagne berkshire), and Luna (Black hooded). ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnsjwW33JWc

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