"A Million Dreams" from "The Greatest Showman" | Ludmilla Lieder & Waldemar Martens Cover

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This video is a two-fold premiere: For the first time I’m singing a duet with my good friend Ludmilla Lieder. We have been making music for many years together, but she was always the singer and me the guy at the instruments :-) It’s really been an honour for me, to sing together with her this time.

Moreover, for the first time, my daughter, Hanna, is involved in the video as well. We had such a great time creating this together. We love everything from „The Greatest Showman“, but this song is a special one. We often get so caught up in our daily life, that we forget about the dreams we had as little children. Well, this song is here to remind us about them :-)

Special thanks to Stefan Spies for providing us with this wonderful location at GUT LEBEN am Morstein: https://am-morstein.de

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