A Graphing Calculator in After Effects

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I did a thing! Basically, After Effects is an INCREDIBLY powerful program, and every day I learn something new. Today (or should I say over the past few days) I MADE something new.

Turns out if you can program, you can work out a graphing calculator in After Effects. It's not terribly robust at this stage, but I can graph arbitrary functions that 'behave' well. Horray!

I am still a bit uncertain if I've spent too much time working on this video, and certainly, I don't want to hype it because it inevitably won't live up to it. But I'm still super excited and not at all ashamed. :)

The Taylor Series aims help people love math. Whether you're a student in a math class or someone who has ever asked the question, "What was the big deal about Calculus?" there's something here for you.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=742tzJr7haE

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