|Teaser| Horns and Swords: Part 1 Fiend or Foe | Audiobook chapter 1

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This is the first chapter of the first book in the series written by the Swordling and read by TTS. This story is categorized as an Explicit Romance Fantasy Adventure Novelette. Part 2: Every Wing Has a Silver Lining Part 3: A Multitude of Sins

Synopsis: We've all been there. We've all awoken once or twice, or even more, from a pleasant dream and wished that we could return to it. But what if such dreams aren't just dreams? What if such dreams are the product of mythological creatures? Beings of beauty and lust. And what would you do if that creature suddenly entered your world. Would you run? Or would you make a deal with the devil to keep them? In this story, we follow the blacksmith by the name of Beiled Erodon. A man of many talents, some more secretive than others. But one secret in particular is what will define his future. When blood red eyes stare back at him in the night, Beiled's honor will force him to take the deal, whatever the outcome. But the deal will not come without high stakes. A world of magic and mystery will be revealed to him and he will be thrust into a journey that will decide the future of the realm.

This is the first edit of Fiend or Foe. You can find the whole first book on my channel @TheSwordling for only $3.00. Book 2 is finished and will be available at LBRY shortly. Book 3 is still in the works. Hope you enjoy.

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