Super Deluxe Donald Trump Edits [Ultimate Compilation]

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This is basically all of the Donald Trump edited videos made by Vic Berger that were uploaded to the Super Deluxe channel before they removed them. Most, if not all the stuff is in this awesome compilation video.

Trump destroys Jeb Bush Again 0:00 Donald Trump's Weekly Address 2:19 Trump Has No Chill At The 9th GOP Debate 3:27 Trump Gets Interrupted By A Surprise Challenger At The GOP Debate 5:47 Chris Christie Is Donald Trump's Puppet Now 8:52 Ted Cruz Is A Total Mess At The 11th GOP Debate 11:04 Donald Trump Is A Mess at the 12 GOP Debate 13:32 Trump Says Goodbye to Marco Rubio 15:58 Whoopi Slams Ben Carson For Endorsing Trump 18:29 A Message From Melania Trump 20:18 Melania Sticks To The Script At Trump Family Town Hall 22:05 Trump Bids Farewell to Kasich and Cruz 24:15 Glenn Back Does His Best Trump Impression 27:39 BREAKING: Trump Picks a Vice President 30:26 Donald Trump and Megan Kelly Patch Things Up 32:43 The Best of Donald Trump: Vine Compilation 35:32 Donald Trump Introduces HIs Vice President Mike Pence 39:03 Rudy Giuliani Gets Fired Up for Trump at the RNC 42:06 Donald Trump Celebrates His Social Media Acoomplishments at the RNC 44:21 Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton As A Chillwave Song 47:24 Donald Trump And Jimmy Fallon Are Best Friends 49:38 Trump Has A Total Meltdown At The First Debate 53:13 Mike Pence Defends Trump At The Vice Presidental Debate 55:56 Trump Has A Huge Night at the Second Presidental Deabate 58:35 Melania Speaks Out About the Trump Tapes 1:03:16 Donald Trump Gets Sassy at the Third Presidental Debate 1:06:04 Trump's Got Talent! 1:10:36 Trump TV: Making TV Great Again 1:11:32 Ted Nugent Grabs Himself at Trump Rally 1:12:59 Pastor Jim Bakker Helps You Prepare For Trump's America 1:15:27 Kanye West and Donald Trump Are Best Friends 1:20:39 Donald Trump Has An Ominous Warning for Americans 1:21:39 Steve Harvey Sells His Soul To Donald Trump 1:25:01 God Bless Trump's America 1:25:57 American Horror Story: Trump's Inaguration 1:26:14 President Bannon and Donald J. Trump Nominate Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court 1:32:26 Trump Is A Mess At His Press Conference 1:34:15 Donald Trump Agrees with Milo Yiannopoulos 1:39:03 Donald Trump Cherishes Women 1:39:47 American Horror Story: Melania Says Heloo to A More Presidental... 1:40:53 (if anyone knows the full title please tell me) American Horror Story: Trumpcare 1:43:44 Trump Bombs Syria While Eating Cake 1:47:10 Trump Bails on CBS Interview 1:48:23 Trump Saves America From Fake News Climate Change Paris Agreement 1:49:01 President Trump's Special Offer 1:52:21 American Horror Story: Pat Robertson Interviews Donald J. Trump 1:53:36 Bye Bye, Trumpcare 1:57:25 Donald Trump's Shark Tornado 8 Audition Tape 1:57:57 The Summer of Trump 1:59:44 Trump Forgets to Sign Executive Order 2:15:08 Disaster Victims Can't Get Enoungh of Donald Trump 2:16:13 Donald Trump and Paul Manafort: It's All Coming Together 2:21:06 Trump Pardons a Turkey 2:22:19 Donald Trump is Making Chirstmas Great Again 2:24:19 Donald Trump Is a Stable Genius 2:27:10 Melania Trump Goes Bye-Bye at the State of the Union 2:31:30 Melania Trump Launches 'Be Best' 2:34:50 Besties 2:37:39 Donald Trump Doesn't See Why It Would/Wouldn't Be Russia 2:38:18 Donald Trump thinks the F-35 is literally invisible. 2:41:03 Trump is Capable of Loving Men 2:43:56 Democrat Pepper Sprays Self to Own Trump 2:44:13 Steve Harvey and Donald Trump's Summer of Sadness 2018 2:47:20 Pastor John Kilpatrick is Saving Trump from Witchcraft 2:58:57