Yes The Raw Chicken is Really Moving! Here's the science behind it & 10 Animals that can do it!

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Some animals can seemingly cheat death. Here's the science behind it & 10 Animals that can do it!

Things are going well down in Florida. There's, you know, all the usual stuff, and then there's also this: a viral incident centering around (seemingly) raw chicken (seemingly) taking on a life of its own and jumping off a table. The video first went viral about two weeks ago and is picking up steam again now that it's been removed from Facebook and has found a new life on YouTube.

So! Here's what we (seemingly) know about what's going on in the video you see above. Yahoo! News reports a woman named Rie Phillips who lives in Miami, Florida, was the one to post the video a few weeks ago. She also (seemingly) is the one screaming in the background while the meat hoists itself up off the table.

There's really not much else to be said about what's happening in the video, but the internet reaction has, of course, been swift. While many have sworn to vegetarianism forever, others have shunned that response. Instead, they've taken a more practical approach because there are a few explanations for what's happening here.

What probably happened here is as follows: This nice Florida establishment was probably serving very raw fresh meat. So fresh, in fact, that the animal's neurons were still firing. Ahead of cooking it, they probably salted it generously, which caused those still very freshly activated neurons to fire. That salt-meets-firing-neurons combination resulting in twitching. So much twitching.


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