Raw Chicken Crawling Off Plate Explained & More Moving Foods!

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The internet is equally captivated and horrified by a recent viral video, which seemingly displays a hunk of raw chicken crawling by itself on a table.

Video that was first shared on Facebook shows a piece of chicken that not only appears to twitch but also hoist itself up and drag itself off the table. To make matters worse, the person shooting the footage was equally terrified and can be heard screaming in the now-viral video.

It is unclear where, exactly, the footage was captured. A woman named Rie Phillips, who lives in Miami, Florida, shared the video on Facebook two weeks ago. It has since been removed from the social media platform, but has taken off online.

While the video is clearly disconcerting, it is possible that the meat was so fresh at this restaurant that the nerve endings of the animal had not died yet.

Such a bizarre feat is not an unknown occurrence. In 1945, a farmer named Lloyd Olsen claimed that a beheaded chicken, known as Mike the Headless or Miracle Mike, lived nearly two years.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn5Dp3aW6Os

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