#10yearsago - Freestyle am Wasser 2009

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10 years ago a bunch of rappers from #Switzerland gathered on sundays to perform #freestylerap (no writtens) in front of an extremely quiet crowd but it was a lot of fun anyway. Here are some clips from that time starring #Wicht, Face, #Komiik, #Etobasi, Hans Nötig, DJ Little Maze, Zungesport, A-Dept, Slang N Easy, and more.

Beats @ 90 BPM

Beats by Disco Blasphemia

Disco Blasphemia: http://www.spaceballzero.com/discoblasphemia Freigheist: http://www.spaceballzero.com/freigheist Jot Kosmos: http://www.spaceballzero.com/jotkosmos

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syrjRW1lcDI

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