Flipped Classrooms & KARATE/Mathematical Philosophy&Theology-Meet a Mathematician (006): PJ Jedlovec

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Phillip Jedlovec (A.K.A. PJ) is a Mathematics Lecturer at Santa Clara University. He received his Ph.D. in 2018 from the University of Notre Dame under the supervision of Mark Behrens.

His research is in Algebraic Topology, specifically in unstable homotopy theory. He is also interested in philosophy of math and areas of intersection between mathematics and economics. He is deeply passionate about teaching mathematics in innovative and effective ways.

We talk about his journey through mathematics, as well as teaching mathematics (flipped classrooms) and philosophy of math.

His website can be found here: https://pjedlovec.github.io/

We'd like to thank PJ for being on our show "Meet a Mathematician" and for sharing his stories and perspective with us!

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