PMV - Reach (All Along) (EFNW 2nd place PMV win)

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After some given time after last year's Everfree Northwest, I decided to with a song from this community and chose a song which featured one of my favorite artists, 4everfreebrony in it. As well as a song to dedicate the end of the show with.

Post Convention: This is very amazing! So this got 2nd place for the PMV contest at Everfree Northwest and I am very happy for this because their was a lot of hard work and dedication put into this video to give Friendship is magic a way to go out with a bang! Thank you for all of your support whether stranger, friends, family or so on... At the moment, I feel no other PMV I could come up with (contest or not) could even beat this. Again, thank you everyone.

Song: Reach (All Along) by Aviators feat. 4everfreebrony Album: Ghost in the Code Release:2014 Label: TuneCore Publishing

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