THE VERY BASICS OF CARD MAGIC / Beginner card magic tutorial series: "The Pick a Card Routine"

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You want to learn card magic? This is where to start your journey on the royal road to card magic. Next to learning some beginner card tricks, you need to practice how to handle playing cards in general. We are talking about the very basics of card magic. How to hold a deck of cards? How to spread a deck of cards? How to square up cards neatly? The Basic Grips, the Classic in Hands Spread and the Square Up are fundamental techniques in card magic, you have not just be familiar with. Holding cards, spreading cards and squaring up cards needs to be mastered, needs to be at four fingertips. Any novice of close-up card magic, needs to get those right from scratch! Because every card trick builds on a fundamental three step pattern of handling playing cards: THE PICK A CARD ROUTINE. No matter what kind of card trick you perform, and what kind of card magic style you are after. You always start from a basic grip, you always display the cards and you will square them up over and over again. So lets get started with this powerful tutorial series covering THE VERY BASICS OF CARD MAGIC completely for free!

HOW TO HOLD A DECK OF CARDS Having trouble to learn advanced sleight of hand moves in card magic? Maybe it´s because you are not holding the cards right? Many novices of card magic have this problem. They try to learn the pass, the glide or the double lift or any other sleight, but never showed themselves concerned with learning how to properly hold a deck of cards in the first place! That just can go wrong! Getting started with card magic the first thing to learn is how to hold a deck of cards withe the BASIC GRIPS: #1 The Dealers Grip, #2 The Straddle Grip, # The Mechanics Grip / Magicians Grip as well as the right hand most basic grip: 4# The Overhand Grip! If you are serious about your card magic, you have to make sure to be familiar with these proper techniques of holding playing cards. Improve your card handling right away and make your performances of any card trick pleasing for the eyes of your spectators! A proper grip is the key to any good card magic!

HOW TO SQUARE UP CARDS Squaring up a deck of cards is a fundamental technique in card magic. You basically do it all the time from the very first beginner card tricks, you will learn! Also squaring up playing cards is pretty useful to cover up some sneaky moves and sleights, like catching a pinky break for example. So it´s very important to study a proper Square-Up from the very start of your career as a card magician! Take this seriously and become a great card magician in no time!


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