the TOPSY TURVY CARD SLEIGHT | how to secretly REVERSE the bottom card | tutorial card magic

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Many card tricks are set up with a reversed card at the bottom of the deck, like the Topsy Turvey Cards Card Trick, the first trick in the Royal Road to Card Magic. So you need to learn how to secrelty reverse a card at the bottom. There are many ways of doing this, different card handling methods or sleights. This in-depth card magic tutorial will teach you the sleight of hand move feat. in the Roayal Road to Card Magic using the Classic in hands Spread to reverse the bottom card. Effect: You spread the cards in your hands and while turning the cards arround you reverse the card. Unnoticed of course!

This is a prefect beginner technique, but also advanced students of card magic and pros will find many applications for this move. For beginner profiles this is very much related to the very basics of card magic of holding, spreading & squaring playing cards. Basic stuff you need to know and more imprtantly to get right from scratch to build a ssolid foundation of your card handling skills.

The Card Magic Basics

How to spread playing cards

Performace of the Topsy Turvey Cards


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