THE HINDU SHUFFLE tutorial card magic

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Perhaps the second most common way to shuffle a deck of cards the Hindu Shuffle enables the table as well as the stand-up performer to create the illusion of a proper shuffle in front of a large crowd of spectators. Devilishly deceptive it comes with a wide range of possibilities. A lot of great card tricks are based on this shuffle, for example a feat many refer to as the Worlds Best Card Trick. Like the Overhand Shuffle the Hindu Shuffle is a fundamental technique for card magic!

4 ROCKING WAYS HOW TO SHUFFLE LIKE A PRO Learn how to shuffle playing cards like a pro! Stop being that looser at the card table! ;-) Impress your friends with some fine shuffling skills! Did you know, there is more than just one way of shuffling cards? Also all these card shuffling techniques are fundamental to master for the art of conjuring and card magic. So if you want to get into card magic, learn some fine card tricks, or just improve your card handling skills, these 4 ROCKING WAYS TO SHUFFLE CARDS LIKE A PRO are just the right thing for you to learn! What are you waiting for?

THE OVERHAND SHUFFLE Although explicitly explained in the book: The Royal Road to Card Magic the Overhand Shuffle is probably the most underestimated tool in card magic. It´s fundamental and mastering it essential! It supplies the apprentice magician with everything he needs to really get started. Also advanced students likewise professionals will always find use for the many applications, that come with the Overhand Shuffle.

THE RIFFLE SHUFFLE IN AIR: The Riffle Shuffle in Air or In Hands Riffle Shuffle with Waterfall Flourish deceives with beauty! Learn this technique of shuffling a deck of playing cards with this easy to follow tutorial step by step. Improve your card magic and bring skillfull display of card handling to your card tricks! ...

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