the classic one-handed FAN CARD CONTROL | the best CARD CONTROLS in CARD MAGIC

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The classic one-handed Card Fan is not only a beatiful card flourish. It is also very useful for card magic. You can improve easy card tricks like the Topsy Turvy Cards card trick with it, for starters. But there are also some serious sleight of hand card controls that play along with the One Handed Fan. The card control technique, I am presenting today, is build around the single hand Card Fan! But it´s more than just a card control! This stands out as a Ambitious Card Routine on it´s one with a kicker ending, the card jumping to the mouth of the magician. This is the perfect, the absolut best card control for cloese-up card magic! And it will amaze your auidence any time!!!

Anyone knows, where and when this was first mentioned? Let me know in the comments! Thy a lot!


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