THE BEST BEGINNER CARD TRICK / 750 subscribers special

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This is one of the best card tricks you can learn, when you are getting started with card magic. Easy but powerful! Simply an amazing magic trick! It´s from the first chapter of The Royal Road to Card Magic. Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue teach it there for a reason: This card trick is just perfect to learn and practice performing great, impressive and stunning card magic. Because it enables the performer to act out the magic like only few tricks do, that are as easy as this one. Also this card trick is very interactive and gets the audience involved. Basically they do all the work for you! "Taking a pack of cards, which has been thoroughly shuffled, a spectator cuts it into four piles. Turning the top card of each packet himself, he finds that he has actually cut to the four aces.“ All you need for this card trick is the Overhand Shuffle and you are ready to amaze you friends big time! Are you ready to learn A POKER PLAYER`S PICNIC? - Yeah? Well, let´s learn, how to do it!

Thank you all for subscribing to my channel. This is just too much fun! The 1000 subscribers special is just around the corner for this channel already hit the 900 subscribers mark! Guys seriously: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! The 1k subscribers special will be an amazing performance and a tutorial for a super easy but also extremely deceptive card force. So tell you friends about this channel and force them to subscribe! ;-)

This is the tutorial for THE OVERHAND SHUFFLE: This tutorial covers everything you need to learn the Overhand Shuffle properly. It´s the 1st tutorial in the series Shuffle like a Pro! Don´t just learn another trick, become a magician! WATCH PILOT HERE:

Go here for THE THREE BOLDEST FALSE CUTS IN CARD MAGIC: These are the 3 most fancy, deceptive and easy to learn blind or false cuts for conjuring and card magic. Every blind or false cut is a powerful tool for creating the illusion of a completely mixed deck. Improve any card trick and demonstrate skillful card handling simply by putting them to use.


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