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FLOURISHES ARE ARTISTIC, LITTLE PRESENTATIONS OF ELEGANCE IN HANDLING CARDS designed to please the eye and delight the onlooker. In card magic they appear to be accessory, but take a greater part for the success of the illusions to be performed on the contrary. This tutorial series pilot introduces you to the five most important card flourisches you simply can not miss out on. The Dribble, the Thumb Riffle, the Spring, the Ruffle and the Thumb Fan are indispensable tools in card magic. Especially FANNING cards, DRIBBLING and SPRINGING them has become a general expectation of a performance of card magic for quite a while now. Which makes these flourishes even more useful than ever! So have fun watching this rocking introduction to these moves and SUBSCRIBE not to miss the upcoming tutorials and future performances!

TUTORIAL #1 THE RUFFLE: The Ruffle is not a fancy cardistry style move. But this card flourish is out there in the wolrd of card magic for centuries. Mainly used as magical gesture, it comes with some very useful applications. Bend cards back after performing a bold Spring or holding cards in the Classic Palm, or break the cards in before performing a Dribble or a Riffle Shuffle in Air. It´s up to you! But don´t go nuts with this! "Some performers get into the habit of using this flourish almost continuously with neither rhyme nor reason. This is not only inartistic but also irritationg to the audience, and it betrays nervousness on the part of the performer.“ We read in the Royal Road to Card Magic. So keep this flourish rare and use it wisely!

TUTORIAL #2 THE THUMB RIFFLE: The Thumb Riffle is a basic card flourish. It´s fantastic for having a spectator selecting a card out of the center of the deck, whenever you perform a card trick of that kind. The Thumb Riffle also takes part in some of the finest forces in card magic. You simply have to know how to perform this flourish super smoothly. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know. Don´t just learn another trick, become a magician!


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