ONE HANDED TRIPLE [false] CUT a deck single handed - card trick tutorial

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The One Handed Triple Shifter is a rocking awesome way to cut a deck of playing cards. This stunning looking, extended Charlier Cut can easily be modified into an extremely deceptive false cut. Overall The One Handed Triple Shifter is the undisputed champion among them one handed cuts, when it comes to card magic. It won´t come easy, but it´s absolutely worth tackling!

Watch this sleight of hand move in action in THE MOST AMAZING FOUR ACES CARD TRICK you will ever see: This is "Cutting the Aces" single handed. SINGLE HANDED !!!! Real card sharp advanced sleight of hand card magic stuff!!! A MUST SEE!!!! Feat. The Charlier Cut, The Scissors Cut, the Revolution Cut and a very neat One Handed Triple Cut.

Wanna learn more AMAZING ONE HANDED CUTS ??? There you go:

THE CHARLIER CUT Introduced as a fancy card flourish for card magic in the book: The Royal Road to Card Magic, The Charlier Cut is just a beautiful way of cutting a deck of cards single handed. It´s just a classic move in card magic! Kind of every child seems to know it! ;-) Yes it´s probably the most famous move in card magic and conjuring! The Charlier Cut is just magical. Puts a big smile on peoples faces every time! So do not hesitate learning this easy, beginner flourish type one handed cut. It will serve you well for a very long time!


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