HOW TO CLOSE A CARD FAN WITH ONE HAND magical card flourish / card magic trick tutorial

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Closing a Thumb Fan with one hand looks very magical! Though there is more to it than meets the eye! From the top it looks like nothing as if the fan closes all by itself. At the bottom of the deck however your fingers are working like crazy!!!!! Learn all there is to know about this neat magical card flourish right now with this straight forward in-depth tutorial!!!

However you should master the Thumb Fan first, before tackling this. You are not sure about how to fan a deck of cards properly. Check this out!!! THE THUMB FAN TUTORIAL Learn an all time classic flourish in card magic! The Thumb Fan is a graceful flourish, we read in The Royal Road to Card Magic. And that´s just true! It´s such a beautiful way to display a deck of cards. But it´s not only good looking and kind of magical on its own. The Thumb Fan is a very useful tool when it comes to creating stunning illusions with playing cards. Shrink a deck with it! Make the cards go blank! Or use the Thumb Fan to display an ordinary shuffled deck, when you are actually performing a card trick with a gaff or prearranged deck. You simply can not miss out on the Thumb Fan, when you are serious about your card magic. And with this in-depth tutorial you should learn to do this card flourish in no time.



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