FiGHTiNG BACK the EU COPYRiGHT DiRECTiVE article 11 article 12 article 13 #saveyourinternet

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Cpt. OTHMARiUS leading a final counter attack against EU copyright directive, article 11 article 12 article 13 with a squad of x-wing fighters. LONG LiVE the FREE iNERNET! JOiN the REBELLiON now !!! & may the force be with you! SAVE YOUR INTERNET! #niemehrCDU

What the heck was that all about? Get a good ironical summery about the topic here:

#copyright #article13 #saveyourinternet

GET an OVERWiEW on the TOPiC here: Or if you don´t like reading watch this fun piece:


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