Cheat at cards, poker or gambling with the false Swing Cut! | How to do card magic tricks revealed!

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This is the one false cut you simply need to know, wether you want to be a badass at cheating at card games, poker or gambling sessions at the poker table, or you want to do some easy magic tricks and make the look like big time impossible illusions! The False Triple Swing Cut is a super deceptive false cut and therefore a very useful tool for card magic! Create the illusion of giving the deck multiple swing cuts and therefore mixing up the cards completely, of course after shuffling the deck thoroughly. Your spectators don´t stand a chance not to fall for this professional cheating with cards. Although a deck of playing cards has been shuffled and cut multiple times, still the order of the cards did not change!!!! Now you are in pole position for creating stunning illusions with just a normal deck of cards! Turn any card trick into a feat of stunning card magic.

Of course learning how to false swing cutting cards requires you to know how to do a proper Swing Cut beforehand. After learning the Swing Cut mastering the false version of it, will be a lot more easy to do!!! A GENREAL TIP FOR ANY MAGIC: LEARN THE REAL DEAL FIRST. THAN STUDY HOW TO FAKE IT! So learn the Swing Cut first, before tackling the False Swing Cut!!!!

THE SWING CUT This easy to follow in-depth tutorial will teach you how to properly perform the Swing Cut, a basic technique of cutting a deck of playing cards. Many sleights in card magic are based on this cut. So don´t miss your opportunity to learn the Swing Cut on a professional level. Completely for free!


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