catch a PINKY BREAK for the PASS | MASTER the PASS part 4

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The execution of you pass depends on the slickness of you pinky! So you better learn, how to catch a pinky break for the pass card control sleight of hand move. And this tutorial gives you quite some options getting your pinky right where it belongs. You can use different card flourishes like the Dribble, the Classic Thumb Fan, the Charlier Cut and even the Overhand Shuffle to get into pole position for the best pass card control sleight of hand move. This tutorial reflects on the needs of magicians in real magic performance situations for a live audience. Mark a card by spreading the cards. In-jogg a card using the Dribble! Master any classic pass sleight of hand card magic trick with this technique and become a stunning performer of card magic.

SMASH THAT L I K E !!! S U B C R I BE !!!! RING THAT B E L L !!! JUST BE.... A W E S O M E !!!!

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