AMAZING 4 ACES FORCE REVEALED / 500 subscribers magic trick special

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Learn how to force not one but 4 cards with this super cool sleight of hand move. Boost your card magic and learn an utility move, you can create your own amazing card tricks with! This forcing technique is so cool, because relative to the potential it holds, it´s quite easy to master. Thank you all so much for subscribing to my channel. You are awesome!

About Audley Walsh look here: Audley Walsh Coincidence first published by D. Robbins & Co., Inc., in The Jinx, Issue 21, 1936, p. 122, 1936. Also printed in Ted Annemann´s Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks, 1943, p.6. Read it here:

Music: Lulu's Tiger by Django Lassi: My brother plays the base in this super groovy gipsy swing combo from Berlin. Go check them out!

Watch the 250 SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL / A TRICK TO RULE THEM ALL right now! Easy, impromptu and very impressive this card trick comes with countless variations to perform it. Read peoples minds, foresee the future or change any card into any other right in the spectators hands! It´s completely up to you! But no matter how you pull it of... YOU ARE GOING TO AMAZE! Also learning this trick you will be introduced to 3 fundamental techniques of card magic. #1 The Glimpse, #2 Card Control & #3 Forcing a card. So dig right into it. And don´t just learn another tick, become a magician.


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