2018 big crazy welcome DECK-GiVEAWAY (closed) subscribers special on OTHMARIUS MAGIC

Checking to see if Spee.ch has your asset locally...

Welcome to 2018 on OTHMARiUS MAGiC. Let´s start by celebrating 3.2k subs wit a SUBSCRiBERS SPECiAL DECK-GIVEAWAY. Thanks for tuning in everybody. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! However the youtube algorithm is driving me nuts. Whenever is stop uploading my card trick and sleight of hand card magic tutorials get suggested like crazy. As if AI tryin´ to tell me something. Also Donald Trump threatening the world with nuclear destruction?!?! SERIOUSLY? And Paul Logan can suck my balls! So a lot of crazy went down in 2017 and more crazy is expected for 2018 also. Nonetheless we stay positive and focused on what we love the most. And that is card magic, conjuring, sleight of hand, shuffling, riffling and fooling them!

Participate on the deck-giveaway by simply commenting on this video. But your comment, whatever it is, need to contain the phrase:

I am in for the win!

Two decks, one Tally-Ho and one Bicycle go out to one lucky winner. No guaranties on winning!!! Good luck though! ;-)

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