Lust for Darkness - Nintendo Switch

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A psychological horror on the border of two intertwining worlds. An intriguing plot with occult themes guides the player’s character through the Yelvertons’ Victorian mansion and a land inspired with Lovecraft’s works and paintings of Zdzisław Beksiński.


Jonathan Moon receives a letter from his wife who has gone missing a year before. Following information from the message he heads for a secluded mansion where an eldritch, occult ceremony takes place. Gates to another world, the land of Lusst’ghaa, are opened.


Move in both a Victorian mansion and Lusst’ghaa – an alien dimension filled with otherworldly creatures. Lusst’ghaa used to be similar to our earth until the local beings decided to undergo total degeneration at their own wish. Hundreds of years have passed since that metamorphosis and Lusst’ghaa is now a land overgrown with alien vegetation and full of monstrosities.


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