Hyperforma - Nintendo Switch

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Hyperforma is a captivating story about a lone explorer who makes his journey into the relic cyberspace “Ancient Network”, an artefact of a mysteriously vanished civilization of the past, hoping to reveal the secrets of its masters.

During his search, the hero meets monumental “living” interfaces and overcomes numerous obstacles while breaching through the most complex defence systems to ultimately discover the truth, not only about the dramatic events of the past but also about his own being.

The gameplay of Hyperforma represents a reinvention of a classic puzzle-based arcade that is viewed as a hacking process of sophisticated virtual defence systems.

Prepare for a fascinating journey through an inimitable world, inspired by the works of William Gibson, Dan Simmons and Peter Watts.

https://www.nintendotracker.co.uk/hyperforma-nintendo-switch/ ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RilfbsmPrUc

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