🔊 Best Chiptune / 8 Bit Gaming Music Mix // No: 1

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Here are some chip-tunes i really liked, and no, i didn't save their names, put the mix together for myself to have something HQ to listen to while i was working and didn't expect it to go viral but i'm really glad so many people love it as much as i do.

For Content Creators: I've started hearing these mixes being used by multiple youtubers and yes, you can use it on yours too with no problems but if you convert it from here it would be nice to link it in the description. Good luck and keep up the good work with your own channels and streams. - Necris

0:00 - Track 1 2:04 - Track 2 3:26 - Track 3 ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3swdaU0cpkc

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