Libra antitrust probe, tether to launch yuan stablecoin, Byrne resigns, and more!

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Weekly Crypto Recap:

3:18 Patrick Byrne Resigns as Overstock CEO, has Romance With Russian Agent, and Takes Aim at ‘Deep State’

9:18 Tether: Tether to Issue Stablecoin Backed by Yuan NY Supreme Court Denies Bitfinex’s Lack-of-Jurisdiction Claim in the Bitfinex/Tether loan case

15:35 US Treasury blacklists more addresses, this time associated with Chinese Drug Kingpins 2nd time they've sanctioned addresses

21:57 US Secretary of State Says Crypto Should Be Regulated Like SWIFT Talks about HK protests (People in HK currently rely on private transactions to commute to and from protests), but also talks about how private transactions will decrease the security of the whole world

28:13 BitMEX BitMEX to Block Users in Hong Kong, Bermuda and Seychelles UK Upholds Complaints Against BitMEX Bitcoin "thanks, Satoshi" ad on the 10th anniversary from earlier this year

39:00 Libra: EU Antitrust Probe into Libra Libra faces competition as Binance looks into launching their own network of pegged currencies, called "Venus" Some Libra partners consider pulling out of Libra consortium after govt pushback

55:31 Coinbase password glitch affects 3,500 customers, check if you were affected, and change your password!

Recommended Book: What has the government done to our money, Rothbard

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