My Trip to Australia! FPV

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

PLEASE READ! IM REALLY SORRY BUT Germany; you may need a proxy to view this, and its not available to view on some mobile devices. This is due to the restriction of the artist used for the music. Unfortunately I only found this out after uploading and this edit took me AGES so changing the audio wasn't really an option. Apologies!

So you're probably wondering where I've been for the last few weeks, well the answer was Australia! I was out there with work but thankfully I had the time to do some flying in the following locations; The Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and Sydney!

A HUGE thanks to the BMS Web guys; Thomas and Paul for trawling across horrific Melbourne traffic to pick me up for a fly. It was superb to get to meet and fly with them both. PLEASE go subscribe to them on youtube if you haven't already, their channel is full of great flying and useful information:

Now, unfortunately I was plagued with issues regarding the set up I took with me. Those of you with a keen eye will probably notice there were a few oscillation issues in some of the video. This was something I was unable to remedy or tune out whilst on the road. The main reason was that the ESCs I was using (XS20A) were set to medium high timing and hard wired to my kiss FC. It would appear that on the new fusion motors the timing you want is medium to medium low, thanks to their very fast transition times. As I didn't have a means to desolder them and flash them I had to live with it. Its a sham but I still managed to get some great footage.

On that note, I decided to pick up the new GoPro Session5 (all flying footage) and running at 2K superview 60FPS. I am so pleased to report that the quality is finally there on the much preferred aerodynamically suitable, session. A very hearty recommend from me!


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