Battletech - Urban Warfare | Whiskey Six - Episode 33 | Let's Play

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Battletech - Urban Warfare | Whiskey Six - Episode 33 | Mellowseven Let's Play

Harebrained Schemes have released 2 DLCs and numerous improvements since the last time I played Battletech seriously. So we are going to play through the standard sandbox career mode to experience the Flash Points and Urban Warfare DLC. We are going to keep the game unmodded and just do a vanilla play-through.

My initial plan is to build a lance of highly mobile, jump capable mechs piloted by mechwarriors specialized in the Piloting skill. This is an ironman save with friendly mech destruction and pilot death enabled.

Mellow Seven Gaming on Youtube: Mellow Seven Gaming on LBRY: @MellowSevenGaming Intro Song: Hero Theme (Sting) by MK2 from the YouTube Audio Library Closing Song: The Last Post

System Specs

cpu - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X cpu motherboard - ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero graphics - NVIDIA GTX 1070 ram - 32GB Corsair Vengence 3000mhz drives - 1TB Crucial M.2 250GB SSD 1TB Western Digital Harddrive 2TB Western Digital Harddrive keyboard - Corsair K63 Wireless mouse - Corsair M65 Pro monitor - LG 34WK500 - P (2560 x 1080 75hz) microphone - Blue Yeti camera - Logitech c922 Pro Stream ...

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