Battletech Extended 3025 #37 - Twitch Livestream Archive - Mod Showcase

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Battletech Extended 3025 - Twitch Livestream Archive - Mod Showcase

This is Twitch Livestream footage. We are playing Harebrained Schemes' Battletech with the Battletech Extended 3025 mod. The mod was created by Haree78, Justin Kayse, and don Zappo. You can find it (and many others) on Extended 3025 is a lore-friendly mod with scaling difficulty. There are 3 basic difficulity / simulation levels along with the standard difficulty sliders. It includes a number of other mods as part of the pack, most notably the Full Inner Sphere Map, Pilot Quirks, and Mech Quirks. It is a great mod pack with an amazing community behind it. We are focusing on getting Twitch followers involved in the playthrough and interaction with other streamers as I attempt to reach affilliate status on Twitch. We started the save on Aug 14th, 2019.

If you would like to be part of this save and our Twitch community please swing by the channel. I stream during the afternoon Sun-Fri (California time). Exact hours are on the Twitch page at

Twitch: Youtube: LBRY: @MellowSevenGaming Intro Song: Fix Bayonets by the Marine Corp Band from the YouTube Audio Library

System Specs

cpu - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X cpu motherboard - ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero graphics - NVIDIA GTX 1070 ram - 32GB Corsair Vengence 3000mhz drives - 1TB Crucial M.2 250GB SSD 1TB Western Digital Harddrive 2TB Western Digital Harddrive keyboard - Corsair K63 Wireless mouse - Corsair M65 Pro monitor - LG 34WK500 - P (2560 x 1080 75hz) microphone - Shure 48 microphone interface - Behringer UMC22 camera - Logitech c922 Pro Stream ...

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