Malaysian Bamboo Dance

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Please watch: "Korean Hookah Restaurant Bars in Ulsan 한국어 바에서 연기 물 담배" --~-- The Malaysian Bamboo Dance is a traditional Malaysian dance which you can see if you happen to be visiting Malaysia. The performance in the video was held at a shopping mall, of all places. It's a dance that requires a lot of skill from its dances, skill, agility and coordination, as it necessitates the coordination between the dancers and the bamboo holders, man I wish I know what they were called, I am sure they have specific names.

In any case, our initial encounter with the dance was at the cultural village Mari Mari, which we visited right prior to coming to the shopping mall, so as you can imagine it was a real surprise to be there and to see yet another performance of the bamboo dance. Very epic.

Malaysia itself is a great place to visit, and although I would not necessarily visit Kota Kinabalu again, I most definitely want to visit Malaysia, and Borneo. I say that because Kota Kinabalu is the industrial hub of the island, so to speak, and as it so often goes with industrial hubs, the do not necessarily make fot the best tourist destinations. But I love the Malaysian culture and would love to experience more of it in the upcoming future.

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